Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm back!

Ok! So I'm back and now I promise to keep you guys
updated of everything thats going on here.
First of all Congratulations to Markella and Brian!
My beautiful Newlyweds!
They picked a very popular and beautiful color for
her special day: Red with a touch of gold. And what
red flower can be more romantic for the wedding day
than a red rose? A lot of red roses!!!
Markella is a very sweet and passionate girl with a
contemporary taste. And we tried to carry that
passionate-romantic theme through the decorations for
both ceremony and reception.
Here are some pictures of the centerpieces and a
mmmmm.. cake.....

Monday, July 21, 2008

Congratulations Jackie and Jonathan Lass!

July 12 2008
You did it! Beautiful Elegant Bride and Groom (Jackie, I gotta tell you, I looooved your dress), two beautiful ceremonies, and a romantic reception on the water. Thank you one more time for letting us be there for you.
All the best! And God Bless you

Sandy and Roody Belotte July 6 2008

To my Beautiful July Couple:
Sandy and Roody Belotte:
Dear Sandy and Roody! Congratulations and thank you for making us such a big part of your special day!I want to say a few words about their beautiful ceremony. When we arrived to the hall, we were still not sure if the ceremony will be taking place inside our outside. It was kinda hot , but very cloudy at the same time. We waited for a while, and the Bride and Groom decided to take a chance. And right before the ceremony started, the sun came out, birds began to sing and it stayed like that till the very end. The God smiled at them and Blessed their marriage. The ceremony was beautiful and very touching.
Sandy and Roody! I wish you all the best! And I know that the sun will shine to you through your "happily ever after" always. God Bless you